I have been working for the last 20 years to support the development of sustainable mobility, based on collaborative use of shared cars and bikes linked into effective public transport, avoiding many of the problems associated with mass car ownership and use that we know so well.

I have been involved in a number of projects over the years;

  • Director, co-founder and former CEO at ITO World Ltd, a transport information business with expertise in the collection, management, analysis and presentation of complex transport data.
  • Visiting fellow at the Centre for Transport and Society at the University of the West of England.
  • Former Technical Director at ACIS, now part of VIX Technology, a major supplier of bus real-time information systems in the UK and elsewhere. The company won a Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2003 for our intelligent traffic light control systems.

Before getting interested in transport I:

  • Worked for ARM Ltd on the simulation and testing for new embedded computer devices prior to fabrication.
  • Founded MicroRobotics Ltd, a Cambridge based provider of process control and instrumentation systems.
  • Led the development of animation control technology for the Jim Henson Organisation, for which, rather bizarrely, along with a bunch of people at Henson, I was awarded an Academy Award in the 1991 Oscars.
  • Developed a control system for entertainment laser displays, used at Seoul Olympics in 1988 and at other major events and venues around the world.
  • Started my technical career at Acorn Computers developing computer games for the Acorn Atom, as lead programmer the embedded sound system of the BBC Computer operating system

Contact me: peter[at]petereastern.com

Ipswich, Suffolk.